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8 Reasons Self-Driving Cars Are a Cyclist’s Best Friend

Most drivers are in such a hurry they don't pay any attention to the most exposed commuters on city streets: cyclists. Here's why cyclists are better off in a world without human drivers.

Meet Pitchfire Winner Autonomous Marine Systems

The marine data company uses the autonomous, low-cost Datamaran sailboat to deliver ocean intelligence anywhere around the world at 1/10th the cost of existing services, emitting zero CO2, and without risking human life.
Future Tech

Watch: Robot Taxi Trials Coming to Japan

The self-driving taxis will carry passengers from their homes to local grocery stores with hopes of being commercially viable by 2020.
Future Tech

A Quick History of AI: Infographic

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since Alan Turing created a standard for what determined a machine to be intelligent in the 1950s.

Spotlight on 3D Printing

MIT 3D Printed Soft Robot Hand Adapts to Objects

One downside to the extra flexibility of soft robots is they often have difficulty accurately measuring where an object is, or even if they have successfully picked it up. MIT has found a way to change all that.
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Latest in 3D Printing

Meet Cannybots: 3D Printable Robot Cars Blowing Up on Kickstarter

Cannybots are 3D printable, open source Bluetooth-enabled cars that can be controlled using tablets, smartphones, and a Raspberry Pi.

New System Makes 3D-Printed Heart in Hours

The models could provide a more intuitive way for surgeons to assess and prepare for the anatomical idiosyncrasies of individual patients.

MIT Makes it Much Easier for You to Tweak 3D Printing Designs

MIT has developed a system that lets users make swift modifications to 3D models and see how they will look when printed out by a 3D printer within minutes, rather than hours

Superhero-Inspired Robot Hand Wins James Dyson Award

Open Bionics can 3D-scan an amputee and build them a custom-fit hand in less than two days. This is certainly much faster than most other prosthetics on the market, which can take weeks or months to make.
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Meet Pitchfire Winner Autonomous Marine Systems
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