Samsung POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum Maps Your Home, Has Alexa Voice Control

Samsung's POWERbot Turbo VR9350 robot vacuum creates a map of your home that is stored on the smartphone app. You can then select specific areas or rooms for the vacuum to clean. The POWERbot Turbo VR9350 also features Alexa voice control for added convenience.

Samsung is releasing a new robot vacuum just in time for the holidays. The Samsung POWERbot Turbo VR9350, which was first introduced at CES 2016, is now available now at major retailers and online for $1,199.

That’s a hefty price tag when compared to the Neato D3 Connected and Botvac D5 Connected, iRobot Roomba 960, and Xiaomi Mi robot vacuums, but the new POWERbot Turbo has some slick features.

The real magic comes in its Visionary Mapping Plus System that a suite of 10-plus sensors and a camera to creates a map of your home, including those stubborn corners, that is stored on the smartphone app. You can then select specific areas or rooms for the vacuum to clean. Tap the living room, for example, and it will clean only the living room.

Like the Neato Botvac Connected, Samsung’s POWERbot Turbo VR9350 robot vacuum features voice control through Amazon Alexa. There’s also a spot-cleaning feature called “Point Cleaning” that allows you to, using a remote control, shine a light on the floor that the vacuum will follow.

We’ve reached out to Samsung about battery life as there’s nothing in the spec sheet, but it offers 40 watts of suction power, a 0.7 liter dust bin, and cleans 12.6 in/sec with its 12.2 inch wide combo brush that uses both soft and hard bristles and a rubber blade.

The Samsung POWERbot Turbo VR9350 measures 14.8 inches wide by 14.3 inches deep by 5.3 inches tall and weighs 10.8 lbs.

Like all new robot vacuums, the Samsung POWERbot Turbo VR9350 avoids obstacles, won’t fall down stairs, and can move from room to room and clean different floor surfaces.

Samsung POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum

“Homeowners have told us again and again that one of their biggest challenges is keeping their homes clean and getting rid of the floor dirt and dust which never seems to go away,” says John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances at Samsung. “With holiday guests about to visit, you’ll need all the help you can get and the solution is pretty simple and practical: use as much strong and targeted vacuum suction power as possible.”

Samsung first introduced the POWERbot robot vacuum line in 2014.

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