Zenbo Home Robot Goes on Sale Jan. 1 in Taiwan

ASUS' Zenbo home robot is designed to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship to families. ASUS will start selling 32G and 128G versions of Zenbo in Taiwan beginning January 1, 2017.

ASUS will start selling a limited number of its Zenbo home robot in Taiwan beginning January 1, 2017. There will be a 32GB Zenbo for NT$19,900 ($620) and a 128GB model for NT$24,900 ($780) available for pre-order.

This will be known as the Mandarin version of Zenbo, which is a home robot designed to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship to families.

ASUS also introduced a new collaboration with the National Police Agency (NPA) of Taiwan that adds video calling capabilities to Zenbo that allows you to contact your local police department in emergency situations.

The Intel-powered Zenbo can:

  • Responds to voice commands
  • Connects to social media accounts
  • Take photos and videos with its built-in camera
  • Control and stream content to your TV
  • Roam around your home as a security guard
  • Provide human fall-detection alerts
  • Tell stories to kids
  • Play music
  • Control smart home devices
  • Read recipes from the Internet and provide vocal reminders throughout the day
Zenbo Robot

ASUS, which has said Zenbo’s AI capabilities are similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home, also use RealSense technology for obstacle avoidance and cliff detection. There’s also a Blockly-based programming suite that will let children automate a Zenbo’s movements.

No word on when Zenbo will make its way to other markets.

ASUS kicked off the announcement by having 10 Zenbos on stage singing Mariah Carey’s insufferable, overplayed song “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” If you dare, check out the performance below.

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