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Top 10 AI & Robot Stories of 2017
By RT Staff · 29 December, 2017 • 2018 is shaping up to be a massive year for automation. But first, here's a look back at the most popular stories about AI and robotics in 2017.
Breaking Down Autonomous Systems
By Jim Tung · 19 January, 2018 • Jim Tung, a fellow from Mathworks, a leading developer of mathematical computing software, breaks down this cutting-edge technology. He lays out AI’s profound implications for virtually every sector of the economy. Citing diverse examples, Tung argues that understanding the impact of autonomous systems has never been more important.
LG’s CLOi Robots Launching in Airports, Hotels, Supermarkets
By RT Staff · 4 January, 2018 • LG will unveil at CES 2018 three robots designed for commercial use at hotels, airports and supermarkets. The new lineup, dubbed CLOi, includes the Serving Robot, Porter Robot, and Shopping Cart Robot.
Robots are Learning to Pick up Objects Like Babies
By RT Staff · 4 January, 2018 • UC Berkeley has developed a technique that enables robots to complete tasks like a baby would – by playing with objects and then imagining how to get the task done. This could help self-driving cars, for example, anticipate future events on the road and produce more intelligent robotic assistants in homes.
Self-Driving Taxis Giving Rides During CES 2018
By Steve Crowe · 3 January, 2018 • Aptiv and Lyft have teamed up to give CES 2018 attendees self-driving taxi rides to 20 pre-programmed destinations throughout Las Vegas. A fleet of eight Aptiv BMW 5 Series sedans will shuttle passengers around Jan. 9-12.
Roombas Will Help Clean up Your Home’s Weak WiFi
By Steve Crowe · 3 January, 2018 • iRobot's top-tier Roomba robot vacuums will soon be able to sweep your home for weak WiFi signals, logging spotty areas and helping users improve their WiFi.
10 Most Memorable Robots of 2017
By Steve Crowe · 30 December, 2017 • When we look back on 2017, we'll remember a back-flipping robot, the arrival of social robots, brain-controlled robots, major developments for autonomous vehicles, the rise of mobile manipulators, and a certain security robot that drove into a water fountain.
How to Trick Google’s AI into Thinking a Turtle is a Gun
By RT Staff · 20 December, 2017 • By attacking even black-box systems with hidden information, MIT CSAIL students show that hackers can break the most advanced AIs that may someday appear in TSA security lines and self-driving cars.
2018 Will be an Emotional Year for Robots
By Oliver Mitchell · 19 December, 2017 • The key to the mass adoption of autonomous vehicles and robots is reducing the friction between humans and machines. Emotional AI is the first step of many that will be heralded in 2018.
Unibo Robot Stars in Fujitsu AI Cloud Platform
By Tim Hornyak · 15 December, 2017 • Unibo is reminiscent of social robot Jibo, but it has a more pronounced humanoid design, tapping into Japan’s long love affair with science fiction humanoids. Unibo can recognize users and customize conversations.
Neato Adds Coverage Maps to Botvac D3, D5 Connected Robot Vacuums
By RT Staff · 14 December, 2017 • Users of Neato Robotics' Botvac D3 and D5 Connected robot vacuums can now see cleaning summaries screen that displays their cleaning Coverage Maps and showcases their cleaning history and statistics.
CES 2018 AI Conference Schedule
By Steve Crowe · 14 December, 2017 • Robotics Trends' AI conference at CES 2018 examines recent developments, current applications, and concerns about AI. Hear leading AI experts discuss the reality behind the hype and how AI will impact our everyday lives.
MIT Engineers 3D Print a ‘Living Tattoo’
By RT Staff · 6 December, 2017 • MIT engineers have devised a 3D printing technique that uses a new kind of ink made from genetically programmed living cells. The cells are engineered to light up in response to a variety of stimuli. When mixed with a slurry of hydrogel and nutrients, the cells can be printed, layer by layer, to form three-dimensional, interactive structures and devices.
McKinsey Study: Robots Could Threaten 800M Jobs by 2030
By RT Staff · 6 December, 2017 • A new study by the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that between 400 million and 800 million of today’s jobs will be automated by 2030.
FORPHEUS Table Tennis Robot Teaches Humans at CES
By Steve Crowe · 6 December, 2017 • Omron Corp.'s FORPHEUS ping-pong-playing robot will make its U.S. debut at CES 2018. We worthy humans can put our skills, or lack thereof, to the test against the AI-powered robot.

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